Ready to Go Camping at Lake Shasta?

Are you a nature lover? If yes, then why not camp at Shasta Lake and enjoy Mother Nature to the fullest. The Shasta-Trinity national forests offer a wide range of activities and ensure that you get to spend quality time with your family.

lake shasta camping

Recreational Activities

A number of entertaining activities ranging from bicycling, mountain biking, horse riding, fishing, hiking, hunting to various water activities and scenic driving are offered. Shasta lake is a paradise for bicycling and mountain biking. Along with Clikapudi trail, which is the famous spot for mountain biking there are other equally adventurous places also like Waters Gulch, Fish Loop, Dry Fork Creek and Bailey Cove Trails. There are endless opportunities in the form of Castle Crags Wilderness and Castle Crags State park for mountain and rock climbers. You can also visit Grizzly Bear Cave, which is believed to possess holy powers. Bathe yourself in one of the pools located deep inside and who knows you may come out with magical powers! A visit to privately owned facility, Lake Shasta Caverns is a must too. It starts with a catamaran cruise and is followed by mountain climbing.

You can go to numerous camping areas in Shasta-Trinity national forest area. Each area is unique and has its own personality. There are options available for campground, dispersed and group camping depending on your needs. Ample options are available for hiking where you can choose between general as well as wilderness backpacking and hiking. You can also go for fishing in the lake, ponds and rivers, where trout and small mouth bass are the most sought after fishes. You can also enjoy the tranquil forests of California on horses. Guides are also available, who will take you around and help you make the best of your visit.

Highlighted Areas

There are a number of special places to visit in Shasta Lake. You can go to Mt. Shasta Wilderness, which is a snow capped, dormant volcano. Alternatively, you can also visit the Forest Glen Guard station and Post Creek Lookout offer unique stay in the serene forests. These are some of the oldest buildings in the forest where you can enjoy peaceful time with your family.

Winter Activities

The mood of the forest is completely different during winters. You can enjoy snow-capped mountains and do physically challenging activities. Cross country skiing is a perfect sport to judge your limits. It’s affordable and you don’t need experience for it. There are a number of areas which you can explore while snowboarding and snowshoeing as well.

Cabin Rentals

A wide range of cabins are available throughout the area. Mount Shasta is 14,162 feet, second only to Mount Rainier in height. Trails provide access to the wilderness. You can also find accommodation in Hayfork and McCloud area. Hirz Mountain Lookout is a 20-foot lookout tower that offers a great view.

Affordable Prices

The camping prices are very affordable in Shasta-Trinity forest area. You can great deals, especially during April and October.