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Lake Shasta Bass Fishing

Ready to Go Bass Fishing at Lake Shatsa?

Shasta Lake is onlake shasta bass fishinge of the most popular tourist destinations in the California state. In fact, this lake single handedly attracts more tourists than any other location in the entire Shasta County. Families, individuals, and even competitive fishers flock to this location to enjoy one of the oldest and the most popular pastime of modern civilization itself. For the citizens of Shasta County it is customary to teach their kids the dos and don’ts of fishing at this location. Naturally, people growing up here have some of their best memories made during their time at this lake.

For fishing enthusiasts Shasta Lake is a haven. If you enjoy leisurely hanging on the blue waters then Lake Shasta is the place to fish. It’s like looking into a shiny clean window into the crystal clear waters. The lake is home to species of fish found in both cold and warm water. The cold water fish get an excellent habitat within the lake. However, the lake does not provide an equally good habitat for warm water fishes. Yet, both groups of fish can be found in the lake. Some of the fish found in the lake are largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, brown trout, Chinook salmon, hardhead minnow, and many more. Despite the challenging habitat, warm water fish reproduce profusely and thrive on their own. The cold water fish in the lake reproduce too, but not as fast as the warm water ones. Therefore, the California Department of Fish and Game is responsible for maintaining their populations through annual stocking.

The anglers who visit the lake for fishing mostly catch the bass and trout fishes. Bass are quite easy to fish. Of course, the prey that ends up on the anglers are not always the legal size, which is more than 12 inches. In that case, most anglers take care and see to it that the caught bass is carefully released back into the water. The main diet of bass in the lake includes minnows, small fry, crawfish, and threadfin shad. Some anglers even soak night crawlers, minnows, and crickets under a bobber. The Bass are drawn to these, and can be easily caught in large numbers.

The entire lake is dispersed with overhanging tree branches, submerged trees, bushes, exposed roots, and so on, which provide them the bass the much needed shade. Naturally, these are the points where they swim in groups of considerable sizes. During the competitive seasons, it is common for seasoned competitors to bait in these locations. So, families find their privacy best away from such locations, if they are looking for some “us” time.

In addition to food, an assortment of plastics can also be used as bait for the bass. They are also drawn to dart heads, wacky, jigging tubes, shaky heads, and so on. So, trolling methods also work. But, the more creative they are, the better chances of catching the fish. Every year, the California Department of Fish and Game replenish about 50,000 fish into the lake, which belong to a variety of species. Needless to say, there is enough fish for everyone throughout the year.

One final word of advice. If the intention is only to enjoy fishing, then it is highly recommended that the fish are not overly handled, and injured. In fact, it is best if the hooks are removed and the fish released back into the water right away. The fish should be removed from the water completely only if they are caught for the purpose of consumption.

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